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  Nanyang jin an explosion-proof electric co., LTD is a professional explosion-proof electrical integrated technology services company,Specializes in the design and development of explosion-proof electrical products、Explosion-proof certification、Explosion-proof certificate training、Technical advisory services, etc。
  ▲All kinds of oil、Chemical industry、Coal、Metallurgy、The traffic、The gas in the field of military industry, etc、Combustion hazard places of dust explosion-proof electrical products and systems design and development
  ▲I IIAll kinds of explosion-proof type of explosion-proof products design and development:And isolation、Increased safety、The Ann、Positive pressure、No spark、Encapsulation, etc
  ▲The one-stop service of all kinds of explosion-proof certification:Explosion-proof certification、Coal security certificate、Explosion-proof production license、International explosion-proof certification
  ▲In the security check test with explosion-proof products
  ▲Explosion-proof certificate is dealt with:Explosion-proof professional technical training、Various types of explosion-proof installation maintenance qualification certificate training

Industry renowned experts
Elite design team
Thousands of successful experience
Domestic and foreign well-known companies designated technology service provider
Explosion-proof authority certification testing agency partners
Explosion-proof electric apparatus industry association authorized training institutions
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