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Zhejiang pew job Posting new energy automobile sales operation co., LTD
    A、Company profile:
    Zhejiang pew new energy automobile sales operation co., LTD. Is a pew new energy technology co., LTD and yueqing transportation group jointly set up joint venture company,Mainly engaged in new energy automobile sales、The lease,Charging operation,Net about car service, etc,Due to the need of business development,Is now recruiting talents from the public。
    2、Recruitment jobs、Positions and treatment
    1、Sales manager2Name(Salary negotiable);Post conditions:(1)2Years of sales experience in automotive industry,1Years of experience in sales management。(2)Good team leadership and marketing ability。(3)College degree or above,Automotive related。
    2、Sales consultant20Name(Month salary2500-3000Yuan);Post conditions:18-35One full year of life。Related sales experience is preferred。
    3、The front desk2Name(Month salary2500Yuan of above);Post conditions:18-35One full year of life,Related sales experience is preferred。
    4、Interns10Name(Month salary2000Yuan of above)。 Post conditions:18-35One full year of life,Related sales experience is preferred。
    Contacts:17767370860(Mr Zhang)    
    Address:Yueqing for center(Yueqing city street west road sails226Number)
Transforming social traditions Reform of the funeral custom
Bearing  Noel Book
    For further promoting the construction of spiritual civilization and the socialist core value system,Break the burial custom of further,Establish thriftily civilization loss of fresh air,Yueqing city transportation group all the party members and cadres、Civil servants,Will take the lead in consciously,Governs incorruptibly,Strictly abide by the relevant provisions funeral custom regulation in our city,Adhere to the funeral Jane do,Manage yourself、Your relatives、Influence others,Do leader of transforming social traditions。Commitment in the process of funeral activities:
    1、Strictly follow the system make the funeral arrangements report,No more than mourning their phase principle3Days,Never more than special circumstances after examination and approval5Days(Including death and funeral that day);
    2、Placed a wreath、Flower basket、Spend no more than total plaque2That's right;
    3、Funeral bands size does not exceed13People;
    4、Cremated at the funeral vehicles back and forth and funeral(Now)Vehicles shall not exceed5Vehicles;
    5、Dinner is limited to staff during the funeral activities、Immediate family members and no more than5Table(Each table10People),Don't disguised open-air banquet,Funeral banquet of no more than the total10Table(Each table10People);
    6、Not in the square、The road、The school、Residential area and other public places set up hall LingPeng、Placed a wreath at the basket、To chant buddhist scripture do dojo、The funeral activities such as the choir;
    7、Cast not in funeral activities(The suspension)White balloons、Hire illegal modification floats(Drumming)、To use electronic wreath(Electronic screens)、Any form of gambling or gambling activities provide on-screen and other funeral bad behavior;
    8、Not in cremation、The funeral、Back to the edge of fireworks(In addition to a funeral at home、Ashes buried after all500In a string of firecrackers outside),Don't burn paper money、Play the sorrows、The trumpet playing music and at home during the corpse、Setting off firecrackers martyrs's activities;
    9、Don't make、Sold flowers for the funeral activities and the excessive wreath、Flower basket、Take tablets(Shall not exceed one wreath diameter1M、Flower basket height shall not exceed1.2M、Take tablets long and width shall not exceed1M)And the feudal superstition funeral supplies;
    10、Is not new、Renovation、Repair the private grave and ashes coffin was buried;
    11、By taking advantage of their office or taking advantage of his opportunity to raise money;
    12、In addition to direct lineal、Collateral blood relatives、In-laws,Not be permitted to eat at ordinary times during the period of mourning、Funeral banquet and vigil,Do not participate in illegal do his condolences;
    13、Do not use the official vehicles or arrange the subordinate units、Management service object, and other units or individuals associated with exercise their functions and powers of vehicles involved in mourning、Attend a funeral activities;
    14.Take the lead in advocating the raising BoZang concept of filial piety, thick,The old man on earth,Filial piety;The old man's death,CongJian bereavement、Hold a memorial ceremony civilization,Let the dead,But the living lived;
    15、Take the lead to do funeral custom regulation in the propagandist、Persuasion、Practitioners、The supervisor,Education guide relatives、Friends and people around,Resist consciously walls and feudal superstition,Discourage uncivilized behavior in a timely manner。
    Yueqing city transportation group after all the cadres and workers to make a commitment,Voluntarily accept the oversight of government and the masses,For promoting the construction of civilization yueqing play a role model。If there is any violation,Voluntary to accept punishment related department。
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The goods delivery
Cargo the accessory,All the goods in the province12Hours to arrive,A provincial24Hours to arrive,Yueqing delivery4Hours, inform the shipper。At the same time,To carry out the local Courier、The urgent delivery、The agent take delivery、Door-to-door delivery、Storage register、Packing, etc。In order to provide customers a long-distance express transport goods、Goods in transit and cargo storage services。In order to facilitate the broad masses of customers,We solemnly promise in the middle of the future work:24Provide warehousing service hours。
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