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Reverse osmosis equipment
Demineralized water equipment
Ultrafiltration equipment
The pretreatment system
   >Many medium filter
   >Activated carbon filter
   >Fold type filter
Food and drink water complete sets of equipment
Medicine with pure water equipment
Chemical process with pure water equipment
Coating industry water equipment
Ultrapure water equipment
Printing and dyeing industry of water treatment equipment
   >Printing and dyeing wastewater reuse equipment
   >Printing and dyeing water treatment equipment
Seawater desalination equipment
Building water supply equipment
Thermoelectric boiler in brine system
The integration of water purifier
Water reuse equipment
Zero emissions
Other spare parts
      Changzhou pioneer water treatment equipment co., LTD. Is a national secondary enterprise、High and new technology enterprise changzhou energy equipment factory in the restructuring of science and technology enterprises,1996Years become China's film industry association member units,Is a professional engaged in the earlier at membrane water treatment technology and equipment research and development、Manufacturing high-tech enterprises,1995Year by the national science and technology commission for approval《National key scientific and technological achievements promotion plan》The project“Hollow fiber ultrafiltration device”(Item number:96050303A)A supporting institution of technology。Since1989Since the development and production of water treatment equipment,Adhere to the high-tech as the forerunner,With the domestic colleges and universities、Scientific research institutes and foreign well-known companies for a wide range of technical cooperation,Company to undertake the national eighth five-year scientific research project“Membrane forensic medical research of pure water preparation device”(85-10-04-04-03)And the people's liberation army navy reverse osmosis desalination of a military product.    Pioneer company based on its own、Pioneering spirit,Actively lead... 
The reverse osmosis device
Food and drink water complete sets of equipment
Chemical water complete sets of equipment
Ultrapure water equipment
Thermoelectric boiler in addition to salt water equipment
Medicinal purified water equipment
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